The insider site that hair studios would like to ban.

Don’t order another hair replacement system until you read this. If you wear a hair replacement system you’ve just discovered the most powerful resource to help you save thousands on your hair.

This may sound like hyperbole or sales puff, but rest assured it’s not. What you’re about to learn is the wisdom, insights and industry contacts curated over more than two decades of working on the inside of the hair system industry. But more importantly, how to order your hair systems for less than £100! Considering how many hair systems you’ll wear over a life-time, this will save you a small fortune.

Hello there,

I am the Hair Insider, a former hair replacement salon owner. The information I am about to share with you was garnered over 20 years of working in the hair system industry, and, more importantly, it will change your life for the better.

Let me tell you my story…

I won’t bore you with my entire back story, but the reason for my providing this brief bio is to give you context on my experience and establish credibility for what you are about to read.

To avoid confusion, it may be useful to do a little house keeping first. From here on, I will use the term hair replacement system (or hair system), although hairpiece, wigs and toupees are other terms commonly used interchangeably to describe this type of product.

As a former client myself (I lost my hair in my early twenties), I purchased my first hair system for over £1500. As a student at the time, this was prohibitively expensive. But, the alternative of facing hair loss as a young virile chap was far more painful, so I took the leap of faith.

However, my initial excitement at the youthful appearance that was (once again) staring back at me in the mirror, was short lived. This temporary high was soon replaced with the realisation of the financial commitment I made. The hair system I bought was perishing (losing hair and fading) much quicker than I anticipated and it was obvious that I would have to buy a replacement soon. In fact, I would need a few hair systems per year to maintain a natural appearance; a fact that was not forthcoming at my initial consultation. I thought the hair system would last a couple of years and I hadn’t budgeted for this new reality I now faced.

After much soul-searching, I managed to borrow the money to purchase a replacement, solving this short-term predicament. But, now in debt, and facing the prospect of purchasing more hair systems to maintain my new image, I was left with an overwhelming feeling of anxiousness and fear. On one hand, I had my hair back, which was amazing, but in doing so I had created another set of problems. Perhaps you can empathise with my situation.

Struggling financially and frightened to my core at the prospect of having to revert back to my coot-like appearance, long story short, I approached the salon owner for work. And thus, my long apprenticeship in the hair replacement industry began.

Without the requisite hairdressing skills, my first assignment was to clean and fit hair systems. As my knowledge and skills developed, I progressed into management roles. Over my career, spanning two decades, I’ve worked for many well-known salons and online retailers. And throughout I have worn many hats, including: customer service, sales and marketing, new business development and operations management, which included order processing. It was in this role that my eyes were truly opened.

Many of the former salons owners I worked for vehemently protected this side of the business. The management of the factory relationship and order processing was a closely guarded secret, and I was about to find out why.

What the hair clubs and salons don’t want you to know

Remember the £1500 hair system I first purchased?……well, my jaw nearly hit the floor when I discovered it cost £50 to make!! I couldn’t believe the mark-up was 2900%!! This was shocking, and I was left feeling empty and upset.

As a fundamentally ethical and decent person, I had unknowingly been selling hair systems at a price which represented almost a 3000% mark-up on the cost price. This seemed unjust and unethical, especially considering that many clients were struggling to afford the repeat orders. And it wasn’t just the financial cost either. All of the clients we were working with came to us from a place of vulnerability; they were suffering with their hair loss. None of these clients chose this and the decision to purchase a hair system was not one borne out of a desire for a luxurious material possession, but an essential item to help restore their appearance and confidence.

This felt tremendously exploitative. Now, I understand it’s a niche business and clients, at times, can require a lots of administrative management and maintenance, but at 3000%, it just didn’t sit right. Especially given my early experience with wearing a hair system and the financial strain I’d experienced.

What you’re actually paying for

It takes the salon owner a few minutes to process an order and even less time to initiate a repeat order for a client – a simple email to the factory and it’s done. In my case, £1450 profit earned by the greedy salon owner for only a few minutes work.

Surely there are better things you could be spending your money on, rather than lining the pockets of a middle-man.

Now, I know that not all salons are charging over a £1000 for a hair system, especially at the current time, as competition from online retailer’s increases. But, even if you’re spending the current average market cost of approx. £300-£500 per system, if you were able to buy at cost price, the potential life-time savings would be massive.

This was my Jerry McGuire moment.

It was apparent that many clients were paying disgracefully high prices and at times, on the receiving end of unsympathetic and, quite honestly, terrible service. The whole industry was becoming mired by deceitful practice and underhand tactics.

A seed had been planted; a germ of an idea that I couldn’t ignore and silence. Thus, many questions lingered in my mind. How could I change this? How could I prevent clients from being exploited? How could I eliminate these ridiculously high profit margins and make hair replacement affordable and accessible to all. And most importantly, make it stress-free by removing the financial burden. This was a problem worth solving.

Turning the industry on its head.

After sitting down with many factory owners I currently work with, I’ve negotiated terms for a new cooperative business model that will allow you, as an individual, to order direct from the factory.

And these are not any ordinary factories. At present, the factories I work with only sell their products to the trade. Not individual clients. They do this because their quality is excellent, so they work with large minimum order quantities and only salon (trade) clients can meet this sales volume.

There are a few factories that are now selling to individuals, but they do so to survive, because the quality of their products is inferior.

Due to the success of the industry, there are now many factories producing hair systems, but only a few good ones. And finding them it like gold-dust.

In my time in the hair industry, I’ve tried the good, the bad and the ugly. And believe me, there are many that are ugly; from inconsistent quality (each order supplied to a customer was different from the next; a big problem in this industry), to poor standard of workmanship and inferior hair quality….I could go on.

There is vast chasm of difference between an exceptional factory and an average one, and the industry is littered with average factories.

I have found the exceptional factories and this came at a considerable cost. I’ve literally tried hundreds of factories over the last 20 years and invested a small fortunate in doing so. I have also travelled overseas to China, Korea, Mexico and India on several occasions, in order to meet the factories face to face and fully audit their production facilities and quality.

Also, in my time working in the industry I discovered that not one factory can do it all. One factory I worked with produced amazing lace systems that have natural hairlines with perfectly bleached knots, whilst their skin system were average at best. Conversely, I’ve found other factories that produce amazing skin (polyurethane or poly) systems but their lace systems were not industry beaters.

Therefore, I’ve handpicked a few factories on the basis of their individual merits, each offering unique expertise in either lace or skin/poly bases, so we have all client requirements covered, by world-class production teams.

Back to the idea. So, I’ve secured agreement that allows you to order direct from the best in the business, but how does this work?

Based upon my experience and industry contacts, I’ve curated a list of the best factories and formed a co-operative buying club, allowing members like you to purchase your hair systems direct from these handpicked factories.

By forming a buying co-operative of thousands of members like yourself, we can achieve the collective buying power to secure favourable factory-direct prices, which would have otherwise been unavailable to individuals.

For a small fee, you’ll receive access to a member’s only cooperative buying club website. Once you’re a member, you’ll receive a link to a private website, which is not advertised or promoted anywhere online. This is an exclusive members only club. The website is locked to the public, so after joining, you’ll be assigned a unique username and password, allowing you to login and start ordering your hair at factory prices.

The factories in our co-operative buying club are probably already supplying your current salons. Wouldn’t you prefer to order direct, cut out the middleman and keep the savings yourself?

You will also benefit from a reduction in order lead-time. What does this mean? Quicker deliveries and less stress!

When you place an order with a salon or online retailer, how do you know your order is going to be processed with the factory right away? They may have other priorities and your order could be sat unprocessed for several weeks, before it’s actioned. At one salon I worked for, the owner liked to minimise costs and achieve economies of scale, so he would wait until we had received several clients’ orders before sending them to the factory. Great for him, as he reduced shipping costs, but terrible for the customers who now faced long delays. This is why 12-16 weeks delivery times are not uncommon within the industry.

This is incredibly frustrating, especially if your current system is showing signs of wear and you need something urgently.

With membership access, you’ll be able to order direct from the source and your order will be in production on the same day. Custom orders will be delivered on time, every time (within 6-8 weeks on the regular schedule and 4-5 weeks on rush).

Let’s get down to the brass tacks. I’m sure you’ll be thinking “this is going to be expensive?” Well, surprisingly, it’s not.

My mission is to make hair replacement systems affordable for all. If I had priced this information at what it’s really worth, this would be counter intuitive to the achievement of my goal. Therefore, I have made it inexpensive and accessible for all.

From as little as £4.95 per month, you could order your next hair system at £95!

Pretty exciting, don’t you think?

Benefit from my years of experience and gain insider access to industry’s best factories that, until now, only the trade could buy from. Invaluable industry contacts handed over to you for the price of a couple of coffees per month.

A small cost that will undoubtedly change your life for the better.

30 Day No Questions Asked 100% Money-Back Guarantee”

So if you’re ready to become a member, here’s my risk free offer.

I know you may be sceptical. I would be too, as this opportunity is incredibly compelling that sounds too good to be true. But, it is true and I want to do everything possible to eliminate any doubts to may have and reduce your risk.

All I want is a chance to prove to you that everything I’ve said in this letter is absolutely real and true and borne out of years of experience and frustration in the hair industry.

Therefore, with my no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee, there’s absolutely no risk or downside and the potential upside is huge. So you can access this information 100% risk free.

Take a peek on the inside and if you’re not excited by what you see, just get in touch and we’ll cancel your access to the co-operative buying website and refund your payment in full. I won’t make you beg or invoke any silly rules or conditions – if you’re not satisfied within your first 30 days then we’ll refund you without any fuss.

At this point you might be asking “this sounds too good to be true. What’s the downside?”

The only downside I can think of is you’ll be frustrated that you didn’t become a member earlier!

If you currently order stock (ready-made), there’s absolutely no downside. You’ll simply be able to order these at the click of a button for £95 (sold for £300-£500 in salons) and receive your order within 2-4 days.

However, if you’re currently wearing a custom-made system, there will be a little effort required, but there’s no inspiration without a little perspiration, right?

For custom orders, switching suppliers will involve a little legwork, i.e. you’ll have to send the factory a new template (or old/spare hair system). However, this is a small price to pay for the tremendous savings and benefits you’ll enjoy.

Could I really order direct without a salon’s support? Join hundreds of people who already have.

If you need a little hand-holding because you’re unsure how to order, as a free bonus, I’ve written a fool-proof guide taking you step-by-step through the order process, showing you how to do everything, including how to make a template. However, if you still not sure about making the template yourself, we have another free guide included which will point you in the direction of a hair replacement stylist who can do this for you.

And, please keep this in mind. Any upheaval you may experience as you switch suppliers will only be temporary. Once the factory has your old system or template, they will keep it on file, so you can process repeat orders in less than 30 seconds with an email.

What about my current salon. If I now order direct, won’t I alienate them?

Possibly, but salons are becoming more progressive and open to cutting-in hair system sourced elsewhere.

However, to mitigate this risk and uncertainly, as an additional bonus, I’ve also put together a comprehensive list of professional hair replacements stylists across the UK. So, if you’re stuck for a stylist or looking for a better one, you’ll have my stylist directory to use for all your fitting, styling, maintenance or template-making needs. I have everything covered for you.

Are you beginning to see the possibilities?…..

You’re not wearing hair by choice. Nature took from us what was once ours. Something we took for granted in our youth. Why pay more than you have to for something we once took for granted?

And think what you’ll save! We’ve run the numbers…

NB: In the table below, we have provided a list of popular hair system prices (shown in the column ‘What you’re currently paying per system’). There’s a wide range of prices as we’ve factored in prices from online retailers and high-end salons. Simply choose the price closest to what you’re currently spending to calculate the amount you’ll save. We’ve also provided a breakdown of costs and savings based on the number of hair systems you use per year….the numbers are quite staggering and imagine the accumulation of savings over a life-time of use!

Your current hair system cost

£ 395

The number systems you order per year

£ 0

“Thank you sincerely. It was the best investment I’ve ever made”.

Is your current system often past its best before fitting a new one?

At under £100 per hair system, you’ll be able to change your hair more frequently, ideally a few times a year, so you are always looking your best, minimising the transition from old to new and feeling more at ease and confident in your appearance.

And on top of this, we’ve recently added a private forum for members only

Within the members’ website, you’ll have access to a private forum, which is a great place to gain information and share ideas. This private community is incredibly knowledgeable and there is a wide range of hair system related topics discussed, so if you’re ever stuck or need support, this is where you’ll find like-minded individuals who are all in the same boat – this is worth the price of admission alone as there’s so much valuable content in here that will help you optimise and get the most of your hair system. Also, it’s completely private and exclusive to members only, so there is a real sense of fostering a community to support each other and build the collective knowledge each fellow members.

In summary, here are 5 great reasons to join

  1. Small monthly membership fee to the co-ooperative buying club.
  2. Insider access to trade contacts that took over two decades to build and our rapidly growing membership means more buying power, hence better deals for all.
  3. Private forum for members only, which is a powerful resource for building knowledge, sharing ideas and support.
  4. We do all the hard work for you making it simple to switch suppliers (see our free bonus guide on how to order).
  5. You’re under no obligation to buy and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Or, you can keep doing what you’re doing

  1. Pay the middleman and you can keep lining someone else’s pockets
  2. Be at the mercy of poor or slow service
  3. Be held ransom and stay with an existing supplier, just because they have your template and order details on file
  4. Wearing old worn-out systems for months on end, just because a replacement is too expensive and you need to get as much value out of your current hair system, despite the colour fading, hair looking dry and increasing hair loss.

Still not 100%? At only £4.95/month to find out, surely it’s worth the cost of a coffee or two to find out? You won’t regret it.

Instant download

The link to our private member website and your unique access codes, together with your free reports are available on instant download. You’ll receive them immediately and literally within minutes, you’ll be on the inside.

All you have to do to get started is click on your preferred payment option below and within minutes, you’ll have access to our members’ only website.

This is what you’ll get….

  1. A unique username and password giving you access to our members only website.  On this website you’ll see a comprehensive range of both custom-made and stock systems all at trade prices, starting from an amazingly low £95.00.  These are the same hair systems sold by high-end salons for over £1000 and we have every type of hair system available, so we’ll be able to duplicate your current system at a fraction of the cost, or why not experiment with one of our other popular designs…at this price you’ll have the flexibility to do so!
  2. Exclusive forum for members only – a wonderful resource for support and knowledge sharing.  Learn time-saving maintenance short-cuts and tips from experienced hair wearers.
  3. UK Stylists’ directory – in this report we will provide a comprehensive list of trained hair replacement stylists across the UK.
  4. Ordering guide – we have published a comprehensive A-Z guide on everything hair systems.  We’ll take you the pros and cons of the different hair system options and guide your step-by-step though the process of designing and building your perfect hair system.
  5. Be part of a tribe of underground hair wearers who are beating the system. Join me and let’s start a revolution in this industry.  It’s time to stop being duped!  And with membership growing so fast, our collective buying power continues to strengthen, so you’ll always be assured of the best quality and lowest cost.

Take a look on the inside the membership site


Here’s a summary of what you get:


Membership Access

You’ll be assigned a unique username and password giving you instant access to our members only website. On this website you’ll see a comprehensive range of both custom-made and stock systems all at trade prices, starting from an amazingly low £95.00. These are the same hair systems sold by high-end salons for over £1000 and we have every type of hair system available.


Instructional Guides

We have published a comprehensive A-Z guide on everything hair systems. We’ll take you the pros and cons of the different hair system options and guide you step-by-step though the process of designing and building your perfect hair system. You’ll also learn how to avoid the most common ordering mistakes!


Supportive community

Exclusive private forum for members only. Learn time-saving short cuts by asking questions, getting advice and support with technical issues from an active community of fellow membership hair wearers.


Stylist Directory

We have also included a UK Stylists’ directory – in this report we will provide a comprehensive list of trained hair replacement stylists across the UK, with contact details and prices.

Be part of a tribe of underground hair wearers who are beating the system.
Join me and let’s start a revolution in this industry. It’s time to stop being duped!
And with membership growing so fast, our collective buying power continues to strengthen, so you’ll always be assured of the best quality and lowest cost.

And, if you’re not hugely impressed….

Simply just ask for your money back. You’ll be no worse off for the experience, and you can still benefit from the free bonus reports, which you can keep with our compliments.

But don't do that, as you'll hurt my feelings!

Let me summarize the many real advantages of becoming a member of the cooperative buying club.


You’ll feel completely financially and emotionally liberated

No stress

Orders will arrive on time, every time.


A handpicked selection of the industry’s best.

Huge savings

You’ll save £££s. This really is a cake with a cherry on top!

Please trust me when I say “you’ll never look back”. You’re moments away from the best decision you’ve ever made regarding your hair.

Get instant access to the membership website

Join me and let’s start a revolution in this industry. It’s time to stop being duped by sleazy salesman and take back control!
If you’re ready to become a member of our exclusive club, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us…


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£ 4.95/month

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Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide!

What hair system designs do you make?

We make every conceivable hair system available on the market today.  If you’re happy with your current design, simply post it in and we’ll duplicate it perfectly for you…..although, we’re confident our workmanship will be better and our hair much softer!  Sounds arrogant, but it’s not intended that way.  We’re just confident in our quality, as we’ve been through the mill, i.e. we’ve tested the worst and found the best – this was a long process spanning two decades.

In terms of popular designs, here are a few popular with our members:

  1. All lace system with transitional density hairlines and perfectly bleached knots (very important if you want a natural looking hairline and we’ve worked tirelessly perfecting this process).
  2. Lace systems with Skin (Poly/PU) perimeters
  3. Lace front and skin base
  4. All Skin (Poly) in various different thickness gauges, i.e. Ultra-Thin (0.03mm), Thin Skin (0.06-0.08), Standard Skin (0.12) and thicker if required.  For those up on their knotting or ventilation methods, we provide skin bases with single-split knots, v-loop knots or injected knots.  Don’t worry if none of this makes sense….all with be explained in our how to guides.
  5. Traditional mono bases for durability
  6. Innovative silk bases or Injected Lace, as they are also known

and many more…..

PS. you’ll see images of the complete hair system range on the members only site, so if you’re not sure what to order, all will become clear on the other side.

Do you supply tape and adhesive?

We don’t I’m afraid, but we can certainly point you in the right direction.  Just get in touch, let us know where you’re located, and we’ll recommend a company who can supply you reliably and cost-effectively.

What if I order a hair system and it's not right?

All the factories I work with have not just been selected due to their high level of workmanship, I also ensure they have unquestionable business ethics and treat people honorably at all times.

If an order has not been made as per the order details, simply return it within 30 days in the original condition, i.e. not styled, worn or cut and we will investigate the issue raised with a view to re-working or re-making the order to ensure it’s perfect for you.

Also, if an order develops a fault within 30 days that isn’t due to negligent treatment, please return it for a inspection and repair.

My orders take ages to arrive (12 weeks+) with my existing salon. How long will it take to get my order from you?

If you’re ordering a stock (read-made) hair system, the delivery time is 3-7 working days. Custom-made orders will take 8 weeks for standard delivery or 4-6 weeks on rush.

The reason your order may take so long is because your existing salon/retailer may be late processing it.  If they’re busy or they want to send a few orders together overseas to the factory at the same time, this could cost you a few extra weeks.

In my experience factories will always deliver on time, but I suspect the additional delay could be caused by late processing at the salon end.

The beauty of this cooperative buying club is that you’re now in full control. You can send your order directly to the factory and it will be started immediately, so you can finally benefit from reliable delivery times.

What shipping methods are available?

We ship using a number of professional couriers, including FedEx, DHL and UPS.

Do I need to pay custom fees or import duties?

All international orders can potentially incur charges such as customs, duties, VAT, etc, upon their arrival in the destination country. These fees are paid to your local carrier or government and are not collected by us. As we are unable to advise the amount of what these fees might be, we recommend to contact your country’s customs office or tax agent for respective charges and rates on a package coming from outside of your country.

However, the packages are sent with a low value, so they are unlikely to attract expensive fees.  In our experience to date, most, if not all, packages pass through customs without incurring charges.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments are processed using PayPal.  If you do not have a PayPal account, you can still pay with your credit card.

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